As the Company has evolved over time, we’ve maintained a focus on the core values that underlie our decades of success – namely operating with integrity and maintaining strong relationships with our partners, tenants and team members.

  • 1948

    Company develops its first shopping center in Baltimore, MD.

  • 1979

    Metropolitan Management, Klein’s vertically integrated real estate operating company, is established.

  • 2004

    Daniel Klein joins the Company and brings a more contemporary approach to capitalization and development.

  • 2012

    The Company expands into multifamily development, diversifying its portfolio.

  • Creation of KE Holdco

  • 2017-18

    KE Holdco is formed, consolidating equity into a multi-asset portfolio of 40+ properties including ~2000 multi-family units and ~2.5M sf of commercial assets.

  • 2018 – present

    Company continues to execute on its strategy, raising company-level financing and launching an Initial Unit Offering to acquire and develop assets that will generate cash flow yield and deliver equity appreciation for its members.

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